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Mirror Mac to Roku TV

Gone are the days that you’d stumble upon various USB and HDMI cables every time you want to relax and enjoy a movie on the Roku TV. The recent technology advancements allow for cableless connectivity, and JustStream is at the forefront of the movement. The app will enable you to connect your Mac to most TVs, regardless of manufacturer, including those DLNA certified devices. You can mirror the macOS desktop, enjoy movies or listen to music, set up presentations, and streaming Mac to TV only takes a few minutes, and you will benefit from JustStream’s advanced playback settings.

Mirror Mac to Roku

Mirror for 20 minutes free of charge

JustStream has a freeware version that will allow you to experience all its features. The 20-minute time frame will enable you to make an educated decision regarding the product, and you will be left with a positive impression. You’ll be hardpressed to find a better alternative than JustStream when it comes to mirroring your Mac straight onto Roku Smart TVs.
Mirror Mac to Roku

Display Settings

Roku Smart TVs vary significantly in size and resolution, and JustStream takes this into account. Regardless of the manufacturer of your device, you will be able to tweak the quality settings from HD 720p to Full 1080p HD. The advanced display settings not only allow for the perfect resolution, but you also have the option of tweaking the dimensions so that the image fits perfectly onto your Smart TV.

Mouse Cursor Settings

JustStream is the ideal tool if you need to conduct a presentation. However, during presentations, you could greatly benefit from being able to point on the screen. In JustStream’s settings, you can either have the cursor visible or display a highlight whenever you click. We suggest you try this option, and if you aren’t satisfied, you can permanently hide the cursor altogether.

How to Mirror Mac to Roku

Typically, you would need an Apple TV to stream, but JustStream works without one. It allows you to connect the Mac to virtually any Smart TV. Below you will find out how to easily set it up:
Grab JustStream and install it.
Launch the software from the Menu Bar.
Expand JustStream by clicking on its toolbar icon.

From the list of connected displays, choose your macOS desktop. If nothing appears on the list, stick to the default.

How to mirror your Mac to Roku TV

Choose the Roku TV from the list. The device needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi network; if nothing appears on the list, refresh after connecting to the network. Afterward, click on “Start Streaming.”

 Start mirroring
There’s also an option to “Start mirroring” by selecting the desired monitor. Finally, the “Stop Streaming” icon allows you to interrupt the stream.


The JustStream mirroring and streaming processes are relatively simple. However, some advanced features cannot be adequately explained within the article. In an attempt to offer as much information as possible, we will tackle the most common questions below.
Currently, the best choice on the market has to be JustStream. Give it a try, and you will be able to mirror your Mac onto your RokuTV in a matter of seconds. The advanced options will aid you in achieving the perfect streaming experience, and even screen mirroring on LG TV can be performed with the highest quality and minimal effort on your behalf.
Yes, screen mirroring is possible from any Apple device with JustStream, including the iPad. On the iPhone, head over to the Control Center, select Screen Mirroring, and look for your Roku Smart TV within the list. A code will appear on your Roku TV that needs to be input on your iPhone to start mirroring.
This greatly depends on the version your Roku TV is operating on. Some older versions are known to have issues with both Airplay and HomeKit. If your Roku TV OS version is above 9.4, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you have automatic updates enabled and the current version is above 9.4, and airplay is not working, you can follow the link to read a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to update the OS manually.
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