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How to Mirror Mac to Sony Bravia TV Wirelessly

There are a few different solutions you can use to mirror MacBook to Sony TV, but we recommend JustStream. It can screen mirror MacBook with zero problems, plus offers compatibility with a whole range of other smart TV devices without any HDMI requirement. JustStream lets you take your pick of resolution, requires no extra hardware, and makes streaming and mirroring as easy as possible.


Test Before You Purchase

The unpaid version of JustStream lets you mirror MacBook to Sony TV for 20 minutes, without the need for an HDMI cable. You can try out the features, find out how it works, trial movies and see how easy it is to enjoy content from your Mac on your Sony Bravia TV.
Mirror Mac to Sony TV

Customise Screen Size and Resolution

For ideal viewing, you want to ensure that you’re running on the best settings. JustStream lets you modify your video preferences, taking your pick of Auto, 1080p and 720p. If your content is best viewed in HD, the option’s there for you. Plus, you can choose screen size depending on what works best for your smart TVs.

Keep Track of Your Mouse Cursor

For most viewing options, hiding the mouse cursor is preferable. At the same time, if you’re giving a presentation, keeping track of the cursor can be pretty important. While screen mirroring Mac to Sony Bravia, JustStream gives you the option of keeping the cursor visible, and even keeping track of your clicks.

Steps to Follow for Screen Mirroring Mac to Sony TV

The steps are all you need to do Sony Bravia screen mirroring from Mac:
First of all, download JustStream and install it on your Mac.
Check that both your Sony smart TV and your Mac are on the same wireless network.

Open just stream, and check the options for connected monitors. Select the one that you want to mirror to.

How to mirror your Mac to Sony smart TV

Hit the WiFi icon to see the available devices that you can stream to.

 How to mirror your Mac to Samsung Smart TV
Select your Sony smart TV from the available device.

Hit ‘Start streaming’, or simply click on the device you want, and JustStream will stream directly to the device you have chosen.

 Start mirroring


As we’ve mentioned above, JustStream is the ideal tool for connecting your Mac to your Sony smart TV. All you need to do is install the app from the homepage, follow the steps in our article, and you’ll be able to stream in seconds.
Sony Bravia does have mirroring. It has the same compatibility as other devices, meaning that you can mirror from a macOS, Android, Windows or iPhone or iPad device, usually making use of a third party app.
Sony Bravia is compatible with Mac, all you need to do is use a third party app like JustStream. JustStream lets you screen mirror Mac to Samsung TV, Sony Bravia, Chromecast, AirPlay and a range of other hardware. All you need to do is download the app.
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