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How to Mirror Mac to Samsung TV Wirelessly?

Aren’t there too many HDMI cables lying around in your living room? You could change that with JustStream because it will allow you to wirelessly mirror Mac to Samsung Smart TV. And that’s just one of the advantages. It will also enable you to host a presentation, watch movies or listen to your favorite songs while benefiting from the far superior TV resolution and high fidelity TV speakers. JustStream is compatible with most Samsung TVs, granted they support any Airplay versions or DLNA protocols. In addition, the Mac screen mirroring software will automatically discover your device after you add the desired file to the app.

Mirror for Samsung TV Mac free

Demo version allows 20 minutes of mirroring

Mirror for Samsung TV Mac free for 20 minutes to ensure that your smart TV is compatible and you are fully satisfied with the mirroring quality.
Mirror Mac to Samsung

Mirror for Samsung TV free with Advanced Options

With so many Samsung Smart TVs on the market, you are bound to run into some issues with resolution. That won’t be an issue for JustStream because it allows you to tweak the quality of the video to perfectly fit your current device. 720p resolution or Full HD are available, and you could also manually adjust the mirrored file to fit your screen perfectly.

Cursor Settings

Would you like to have the mouse cursor hidden or visible? You could hide it but still have a graphical effect whenever you click. The latter option was designed with presentations in mind but could very well offer benefits when mirroring a movie or YouTube video. Try it out, and if you don’t like it, you can always simply hide the cursor altogether.

Mirror Mac to Samsung Smart TV Free Guide

It’s a common misconception that you need an Apple TV if you want to mirror your Mac. However, it works flawlessly on most Samsung devices. So let’s find out exactly how to mirror Mac to Samsung TV free:
Download JustStream and install it on your macOS.
Head over to the Menu Bar and launch the software.

Pick the monitor that will be mirrored.

How to mirror your Mac to Smart TV

Pick the Smart TV in your network onto which the mirroring will happen.

 How to mirror your Mac to Samsung Smart TV

Start mirroring. You can do that by double-clicking the desired Smart TV or pressing the “Start Streaming” icon.

 Start mirroring
You can interrupt the streaming at any time by click on the “Stop Streaming” icon.

Questions and answers

When users try to mirror for Samsung TV mac some questions may arise. We will tackle the most common ones below:
Samsung screen mirroring Mac won’t be a challenge if you have the correct third-party software. Apple doesn’t offer the option natively, but JustStream will quickly solve this issue. Not only does it work flawlessly on Samsung Smart TVs, but you could also use it to mirror ROKU Streaming TVs regardless of the TV manufacturer if Airplay is supported.
You can get the software for only $9.99 after testing it out using the 20-minute uninterrupted mirroring trial version. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to enjoy video games using JustStream because the delay will make them unplayable.
Definitely, if you want to mirror Macbook to Samsung TV, your best bet would be to install JustStream. Setting up the software only takes a few minutes, and it will also allow you to screen share on LG smart TVs on up to 1080p resolution without any cables or external hardware.
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